We offer nutrition plans and programmes that are designed to keep your metabolism burning fat at its optimum.
The recipes that we use are tasty, easy to follow and very fast to prepare and you will also have access to our recipe library
Our plans are more about educating our clients and members so that they know what to eat and when to eat it so, that you will be able to maintain your fat loss long after the plan has ended.

Health & Fitness Assessments

Bootcamp FM is the only Bootcamp that offers 1-2-1 fitness and health testing that is included in the price.
We don’t think that a simple health questionnaire is sufficient to establish a person’s present level of health and fitness so we use a comprehensive fitness and health testing package to ensure the safety of our members and the goals are established and met.

Mind-set Coaching

Most bootcamp offer their “coaching” via email or telephone. Bootcamp FM is the only Bootcamp that offers 1-2-1 mind-set coaching. There are so many Bootcamps and personal trainers who claim that you will maintain your “weight loss” after you finish their programme. However, if you haven’t got the right mind-set, this will be virtually impossible. Our coaches are trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy to actually change the way you think and improve your relationship with food.

No Other Bootcamp Offers This Service!

If you are ready to change your body, your mind-set, your lifestyle and increase you circle of friends, then you need to join our BootcampFM family.

To ensure that we are the right kind of family for you, we offer a 7 day free trial with no obligation to join. The 7 Day Free Trial includes unlimited access to any of our sessions, a 7 Day Fat Loss Recipe Book and a VIP invite to our next fat loss seminar.

So if you are ready to-
•    Get rid of that stubborn belly fat naturally and consistently
•    Feel Fitter, Leaner, stronger and become Healthier
•    Embrace a new lifestyle
•    Make new friends
•    Become empowered and educated about nutrition
•    Become a new and improved version of you

Then just add the FREE TRIAL to your basket and complete the short application form and we will be in touch to arrange your FREE 7 day trial.